An application is required to establish service. See below for options for submitting an application.

New customers can fill out an online RRSD  Application for Water Service form. A copy of a valid ID is required. Once your Online application is submitted, an RRSD representative will contact you within 2 business days. *For same day service, you must come into the RRSD Offices before 2:00 PM the day service is requested (NOTE: Requests for same day service received after 2:00 PM will result in additional fees.).

By Mail or in Office:
Applicants for utility service are required to complete a written RRSD Application for Water Service (PDF version) and return it to RRSD. The application must be accompanied by:

  • A valid building permit or certificate of occupancy, unless the application is for service to existing structures which are legally occupied
  • All applicable fees and charges

Deposit Requirements:
Each customer shall make a Deposit at the time of applying for service in the amount set forth in the Rate and Fee Schedule The Sanitary District may waive a Deposit when it determines in its sole discretion that a customer provides evidence of satisfactory credit.

  • Deposits shall be used upon termination of utility service or at any other times the Authority elects to cover a customer’s delinquent utility bill
  • When service is terminated, any unused portions of the Deposit shall be refunded
  • Deposits shall not draw interest

Good Credit vs. Credit Risk:
If a customer maintains a good credit history with the Sanitary District for a continuous period of 24 months, the Sanitary District will apply the Deposit to the customer’s next bills until depleted. However, if the Sanitary District later determines that the customer has unsatisfactory credit, it may require the customer to make another Deposit and/or discontinue crediting of an existing Deposit to utility bills.

Making a Deposit does not relieve a customer of the obligation to pay a bill when due nor prevent the Authority from terminating service for nonpayment of bills.