You can view all rates in the approved  Water and Sewer Rates Schedule

Minimum  Charge Water and Minimum Charge Sewer
Includes 2,000 gallons of usage

Incidental Charges (As shown in the Tap Fees, Deposits and Penalties (PDF File))
Incidental charges which a customer may be required to pay from time to time include, but are not limited to:

Application Fee
A fee due when a person applies for new utility service.included in connection fee

Connection Fee
A onetime fee due when new utility is connected to Authority Utility Facilities, or existing service is transferred from one consumer to another.

Late Fee
A fee added to delinquent utility bills. (*Assessed 15th day from statement date)

Service Call Fee
A service call fee will be charged to the customer’s account for the following:

  • Check a leak at the request of a customer (and the leak is on the customer’s side)
  • Customer wants meter reread because of high water usage
  • Customer needs angle stop/yoke turned off to make repair (Service call will include going back out and turning the meter back on)
  • Checking pressure (problem is on customer’s side)
  • New service tap scheduled for installation but remains unflagged when tap crew arrives (requiring rescheduling)
  • Any additional trip for restoring water service

After Hours Fee
A fee for service calls which the consumer requests to be made on weekends, holidays, and/or after 2:00 pm weekdays.

Non Payment Processing and Service Fee
A fee that will be automatically assessed at 5:00 PM on the 25th day from the bill date and can result in disconnection of water service. All past due charges along with the suspension fee and other fees will be required to be paid in full to have accounts reinstated.

Backflow Testing and Service Restoration Fees
Fees to cover the cost of testing backflow prevention devices and for re storing utility service for noncompliance with the backflow portion of these Rules and Regulations.

Cut Lock Fee
A fee to cover the cost of replacing padlocks which have been removed from Authority water meters without the Authority’s consent.

Tampering Charge
A charge for tampering with any District Utility Facilities.

Credit Letter Fee
A fee for preparation of letters regarding a customer’s credit history with the District.

Miscellaneous Administrative Fees
Fees for such matters as returned checks or drafts, copying, customer lists, debit bill payment by phone, and such other categories as the CEO deems appropriate. The amount of Miscellaneous Administrative Fees shall be set by the CEO.

Meter Testing Charge
A charge for testing meters mea suring utility service.